A Brief History

Konecranes Machine Tool Service began in the U.S. with the strategic acquisition of three well-established companies in the Ohio Valley, forming a strong core of customer service excellence, expertise and critical mass from where a full range of services are offered.

Machine Tool Solutions Unlimited – Cincinnati, OH

Founded in 2003 and acquired by Konecranes in October 2009, specializing in CNC control retrofits, field service, calibration, on-site repairs and preventive maintenance.

Ohio Hi-Speed – Cleveland, OH

In business since 1992 and a Konecranes company since August 2010, specializing in rebuilds, redesign, preventive maintenance and field service.

King Tool – Erlanger, KY

Started in 1978, joined the group in October 2010, adding a 30-year history of performing top class rebuilds and redesign on a variety of machines. Complex rebuilds are carried out in the Erlanger facility, which is equipped with specialty tools and staffed by skilled machinists.

In addition to the United States, Konecranes MTS has an active presence in other countries including China, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom.