Konecranes Machine Tool Service offers complete machine rebuilds

SPRINGFIELD, OH – Konecranes Machine Tool Service (MTS) restores machines to original new condition specification.

Konecranes MTS provides complete or partial rebuild or geometrical/alignment & positioning optimization of existing machines. From small job shops to large international corporations, highly trained and skilled specialist and engineers at Konecranes MTS will restore a machine to its original, new condition specifications. All mechanical rebuild work and geometrical and positioning optimization carries a full one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Machine tool rebuild work from Konecranes MTS includes maintaining the existing CNC or PLC control system and electronics, disassembling the entire machine to the bare castings, and replacing all bearings and seals. Way surfaces are precision ground or machined to meet or exceed original OEM specifications for straightness, flatness, perpendicularity and parallelism. The machine tools’ geometry/alignments are restored to original specifications. It is not unusual for the machine tools rebuilt by Konecranes MTS to exceed the original specifications set forth by the OEM when the machine was originally built. Konecranes MTS has several machine tool geometry specialists with experience in precision hand scraping of ways and slides.

The machine tool rebuild from Konecranes MTS also features state of the art spindle reconditioning and a complete rebuild or replacement of the lubrication system, including replacement of damaged lube lines manifolds, divider valves and metering units, as well as testing for performance, proper pressure and flow rates.

Other machine tool rebuilding tasks include inspection and reconditioning or replacement of precision ballscrews, inspection and cleaning of electrical devises and replacement of electric motor shaft bearings & seals.

The machine tool rebuild from Konecranes MTS includes a thorough inspection of gears, shafts and major castings. Repairs or replacement of components requiring additional cost do not commence without prior approval and authorization from the customer.