Konecranes Machine Tool Service offers control retrofit services to Keep Machines Up to Date

Konecranes Machine Tool Service (MTS) provides various retrofit options including software design, integration and installation of new control packages to replace existing aged control systems.
In an effort to increase productivity and optimize quality, manufacturers are choosing a CNC or PLC control retrofit of their existing machine tools. Many manufacturers select Konecranes MTS because of their extensive experience and knowledge of the CNC & PLC controls available today.

In many cases, a complete retrofit involves the replacement of the existing antiquated control, servo motors, drive amplifiers, electrical devises, and wiring in order to optimize and advance an older machine. Konecranes MTS has experience integrating numerous makes and models of CNC and PLC controls to a variety of complex and conventional machines, including but not limited to: gantry mills, horizontal boring mills, vertical boring mills, vertical and horizontal machining centers, grinders, and lathes.
No matter the type of machine, each retrofit from Konecranes MTS involves a comprehensive and customer-first approach. New servo motors and drive amplifiers are properly sized to match the machine’s capabilities, and all of the existing wiring is stripped from the machine and discarded. New wire, sealtite, and conduit is properly sized and integrated to the machine. Generally, the main disconnect, limit switches, home switches, pressure switches and existing electrical devises are retained. All motor mounts, adaptors and couplings required to complete the retrofit process are provided, while defective sealtite, cord grips, and other components are replaced.

At the end of the process, Konecranes MTS performs a detailed runoff and acceptance durability test prior to placing the machine back into production. Following the retrofit, the customer is supplied with one of the most thorough and comprehensive documentation packets in the industry.
Konecranes MTS Control Engineers have experience with a wide variety of industry-leading manufacturing controls, including FANUC America, Siemens and Fagor CNC models while also integrating a number of PLC manufacturers models. Through cooperative relationships and strategic partnerships, the company is able to offer an expansive selection of control products that can fit any machine’s parameters and workload. Konecranes MTS has perfected the control, servo motors and drives only retrofit, which allow customers to reduce the overall retrofit cost by utilizing their existing electrical devises, AC motors, sealtite, conduit, and wiring.

In addition to complete and control, servo motors and drive amplifiers only control retrofits, Konecranes MTS offers control-only retrofits intended for mechanically sound machines that suffer from control-related failures. These retrofits offer the benefits of a modern control upgrade without the expense of replacing the servo motors and drive amplifiers. However, prior to quoting such a retrofit, Konecranes MTS will request a thorough electrical inspection of the machine to ensure its candidacy.