Konecranes offers machine tool alignment, calibration and certification services

SPRINGFIELD, OH – Konecranes Machine Tool Service offers machine calibration services to manufacturers for maintenance and certification purposes.

With its “state of the art” laser measuring and calibration systems, Konecranes Machine Tool Service can increase machine performance and, help manufacturers prepare for planned maintenance or satisfy requirements of qualifications and certifications like ISO, QS and ASME B5.54. Laser calibration from Konecranes Machine Tool Service optimizes machine performance, increasing accuracy and repeatability when producing close tolerance parts.

Konecranes Machine Tool Service’ laser inspection and calibration equipment is calibrated according to the manufacturer’s recommended intervals and traceable to NIST. Konecranes Machine Tool Service keeps certificates reflecting the calibration date and results on file so copies can be provided to their customer upon request.

The highly skilled calibration specialists at Konecranes Machine Tool Service will precision level and optimize the machine tool’s geometrical orientation and inspect its dynamic/interpolation performance. Linear positioning and repeatability will be compensated and verified. A computer-generated plot can be supplied in QS, B5.54, ISO, or any format of the customer’s choosing.