Control Retrofit

Konecranes control engineers can provide various retrofit options including software design, integration and installation of new control packages to replace your existing aged control system. Our Controls Retrofit group has extensive experience integrating numerous makes and models of CNC and PLC controls to a variety of complex and conventional machines including but not limited to: 

  • Gantry, bridge and portal mills
  • Grinding machines
  • Horizontal & vertical boring mills
  • Horizontal & vertical machining centers
  • Horizontal & vertical turning lathes/centers
  • Specialty machines
  • Transfer machines

In most cases, a complete retrofit will involve the replacement of an existing antiquated control system including new AC digital servo motors and drive amplifiers that are sized to match the machine’s capabilities. A new operator’s pendant and electrical enclosure typically accompany a complete retrofit.

Additionally, all existing wiring is stripped from the machine and discarded. New wire is properly sized and wired to the machines electrical devices and components. Generally, the main disconnect, home switches and limit switches are retained along with pressure switches and thermal switches. All mechanical brackets and motor adaptors required to complete the retrofit process will be provided. Wiring, damaged sealtite and damaged conduit will be replaced.

Additionally, we provide a complete set of documentation with each completed retrofit. Our Control Engineers are capable of performing retrofits to a variety of manufacturing controls. Through a cooperative relationship with our CNC and PLC control OEM partners, we are able to expand this selection to just about any control manufacturer our customer selects.

Control, Motors & Drives Only Retrofit

Konecranes Machine Tool Service has perfected the art of performing what is referred to as “Control, motors and drives only” retrofit packages. During this type of control upgrade, we retain all of the existing machine wiring, electrical components and devises; however, we will replace the armature and feedback cables to the servo motors and drives. Many of our customers have chosen this route in order to attain the reliability of a new CNC control system without the added cost associated with rewiring and replacing electrical components and devises; thereby, reducing the cost that is typical with a “complete” retrofit.

Control Only Retrofit

We have also provided “control only” retrofits where the only thing we replace is the CNC control. We reuse the existing servo motors and drives as well as the wiring and electrical devises and components. Prior to performing a “Control only” retrofit, we will request that a thorough electrical inspection of the machine be performed to insure its candidacy.

If your machine is mechanically sound but suffers from control related failures due to its age or other performance deficiencies, it may be a candidate for a “control only” retrofit. We would be interested in discussing how this option may allow you to realize the benefits of a modern control upgrade without the expense of replacing the motors and drives.

Contact Konecranes to discuss how one of our control solutions can assist you with realizing your productivity and profitability objectives.