Level & Alignment

Proper machine tool level and alignment is absolutely essential to maintaining long-term machine tool integrity and the ability to consistently produce quality parts. Our machine alignment/geometry restoration program will return the machine to original alignment specifications and typically exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications. 

During the alignment process, we will precision grind the way system on a Waldrich Colberg grinder to restore pitch, yaw and roll characteristics. All Turcite®, Rulon® or other anti-friction bearing material is replaced with new. If the system is a linear guide application, we will replace the existing linear guide rails and trucks with new. With several “factory trained” and experienced scraper hands on our team, the bearing surfaces are precision hand scraped for proper bearing content and proper surface coverage by our alignment specialists.

The spindle is precision fit to proper running clearances. The spindle bearings are replaced with new high precision bearings. All seals and way wipers are replaced with new. The lubrication system is reconditioned, repaired or replaced. Each way bearing surface is inspected to ensure proper flow and volume. The machine is precision leveled using our Mahr-Federal electronic levels to within 8 arc seconds for pitch and roll. Each machine can be aligned and documented according to a variety of formats including but not limited to: NMTBA, ASME B5.54 or ISO specifications.

Our calibration equipment is certified annually,  traceable to N.I.S.T., and includes:

  • Granite parallels
  • Granite squares
  • Autocollimator
  • Untra-Dex
  • Mahr-Federal electronic levels
  • Faro tracker laser system
  • Renishaw interferometer laser system
  • Hamar geometry laser system

Contact us to see how our expertise can assist you with meeting your accuracy objectives.