Component Rebuild

Konecranes Machine Tool Service specialists are highly trained and experienced in redesigning, modifying and rebuilding machine components. We are experienced in servicing and updating virtually any facet of a machine tool, including but not limited to: ball screws, rotary tables, spindles, power drawbars, transmissions, gear boxes, carriers, automatic tool changers, multi-spindle drill heads and turrets.

Our component redesign process is comprehensive and thorough. We use the highest quality parts to update your machine. We start with a complete disassembly of your component. After a thorough inspection and cleaning of all internal parts, we examine the component for any damage, specifically to the gears or shafts. We replace all discs, clutches, shot pins, dowel bushings, plungers, lube lines, bearings, O-rings and seals with new parts. Our specialist also examines the copper and steel tubing and replaces damaged tubing with new. Shifter forks are replaced or repaired, and the machine’s hydraulic actuators will be rebuilt to original specifications.

Before any project is complete, Konecranes Machine Tool Service performs a comprehensive bench testing process on the component to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Component Rebuild Process

  1. Complete disassembly of the unit/component
  2. Thorough cleaning and inspection of all internal parts
  3. Damaged shafts and gears will be reported to our customer for approval to replace or repair (at an additional cost).
  4. All bearings will be replaced with the highest precision available for the application.
  5. All seals and O-rings will be replaced with new.
  6. Shifter forks will be repaired or replaced.
  7. Hydraulic/pneumatic actuators will be rebuilt to original specifications.
  8. Damaged copper/steel tubing along with any damaged hoses will be replaced with new.
  9. Perishable components, such as shot pins, plungers and dowel bushings, will be replaced.
  10. Spindles taper and face will be ground chromed and reground as required. Care will be taken to maintain the tool gauge line.
  11. All clutches and separator discs will be replaced with new.
  12. Drawbars and collets will be inspected for condition and wear & and will be rebuilt or replaced as required.
  13. All component/unit rebuilds will undergo thorough and extensive inspection on a portable test stand prior to shipment back to our customers.

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