Machine Tool Relocation

If your company is considering relocating a critical machine tool to another facility or even across country, Konecranes Machine Tool Service can help. Our team of qualified machine tool specialists has extensive experience dismantling, relocating and re-commissioning a variety of CNC and manual machine tools – ranging from stand-alone machining centers, boring mills, grinders and lathes to full-production lines and cells.

Additionally, Konecranes has long standing relationships with trusted used machine tool suppliers. If you are looking for a used machine that needs to be evaluated prior to relocation, let us help you select the best value machine tool for your application. We can assist you by providing our expert opinion on the condition of the machine and the recommended repairs, if required.

For all relocations, we can perform the following tasks to help ensure that your machine is delivered to your complete satisfaction:

  1. Assign an experienced and professional Project Manager to oversee the project.
  2. Build a project plan based on a “turnkey” execution.
  3. Acquire machine foundation drawings and service manual.
  4. Secure all necessary permits.
  5. Perform a pre-relocation evaluation and inspection of the machine alignments and aesthetic condition.
  6. Perform a pre-relocation Renishaw ballbar test.
  7. Safely and carefully dismantle the machine and package for shipment.
  8. Load onto air ride trucks and transport to your facility.
  9. Thoroughly clean the entire machine and accessories and re-assemble.
  10. Precision level the machine within 8 arc seconds for pitch and roll; optimize the machines geometry and alignments.
  11. Wire and start up.
  12. Perform debug and test for performance and operation of all features.
  13. Perform Renishaw ballbar test and compare to the pre-relocation result
  14. Precision laser calibration.
  15. Provide operator and maintenance training.
  16. Submit all alignment, ballbar and laser calibration documentation.

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