Machine Tool Remanufacture & Modernization

Extend your machine's life span

While our customers comply with ever-changing needs, requirements and regulations, we strive to increase their production capacity and the lifetime of their machine tools. Konecranes’ intelligent modernization solutions combine current technology with our extensive knowledge and experience of machine tools.

Our remanufacturing services offer an economical alternative to replacing or purchasing new machinery. Likewise, it offers the best value for customers who own very large, complex or specialty machines.

During the remanufacture process, we take advantage of technologies not available at the time the machine was originally built. The process can involve converting a manual machine to full CNC operation or converting an older CNC or NC operated machine with antiquated controls and mechanical technology to a world-class performer.

Performing a complete remanufacture of your existing machine will allow you to achieve positioning and geometrical tolerances currently being held on newer machines. Additionally, it can increase axes feeds and speeds which increase throughput and productivity. By rebuilding your machine instead of replacing it, a significant savings can be realized by utilizing the same foundation, tooling and part fixtures.

Depending on the size of the machine and the scope of the work, we may be able to rebuild, remanufacture and retrofit your machines at your facility. Otherwise, we can transport machines to Konecranes’ service facilities to minimize disruption to your manufacturing environment.

Our remanufacturing process includes:

  • Redesign/remanufacture inferior mechanical components
  • Increase feeds and speeds using current “state of the art” technology
  • Replace existing bearings with the highest precison grade permissible
  • Regrind & requalify bed ways on a Waldrich Colburg grinder
  • Replace all of the machines electrical devises, wiring and sealtite
  • Optimize machine geometry and alignments to exceed original specifications
  • Retrofit the machine with a modern PLC or CNC control system that optimizes machine performance and reliability

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