On-site Training

One of the keys to the success of Konecranes Machine Tool Service is the training of our service specialists in the principles of machine tool rebuilding, remanufacturing, retrofit and service. It was in this environment that many of our current service specialists were able to receive the technical knowledge transfer that prepared them for a very successful career in the machine tool industry. The long-term prosperity and viability of all successful machine tool service companies is directly proportionate to the ability to attract talented and experienced machine tool specialist to their team.

Until the mid-1990’s, the United States, and particularly the greater Cincinnati region, was known as the machine tool capital of the world. No fewer than 10 major players in the machine tool industry were located within 30 miles of greater Cincinnati, including the largest machine tool builder of that era, Cincinnati Milacron.

Historians will record a number of plausible reasons for the demise of the machine tool industry in our country; however, one common denominator shared by all of the companies is the decision to abandon the foundation of their success, the Apprenticeship Programs. The foundational training that many of our Service Specialists and Engineers were exposed to is unparalleled in the manufacturing industry today.

Konecranes recognized the technological gap in today’s machine tool service industry and has elected to add training to our strategic product offering for our customers.

Many of the colleagues who instruct these classes are in the season of influence in their careers and were beneficiaries of the training referenced above. We look forward to helping you and your maintenance team stay on the cutting edge of today’s machine tool maintenance programs and technological advancements by attending one of the training seminars offered by Konecranes Machine Tool Service. Our training seminars can be conducted at your facility or at the Konecranes MTS training center in Cincinnati, Oho. Please contact us to discuss how we can partner with you and your team to provide technical training that results in enhancing your maintenance strengths.