Used Machine Tools & Parts

We understand that your budget may not always permit you to purchase a new machine tool, yet obtaining quality equipment is essential to producing parts for your customers. In some cases, a good used machine can equal the productivity of a new machine without the large, up-front investment. More often than not, a used and well cared for lathe, milling machine, boring mill or grinder can more than satisfy your requirements.

As a machine tool service company that rebuilds and retrofits numerous makes and models of machine tools, we occasionally purchase and modernize machines to get them in excellent operating condition – so that they may meet the needs of customers that are not be able to purchase new equipment.

We can also locate for customers used machines that meet specific work environments, operating ranges or unique functions; then rebuild or retrofit the machines for them. We have long standing relationships with qualified used machine tool suppliers that can help locate specific machines for purchase; we can then modernize with a mechanical rebuild and/or a CNC control retrofit. If you have CNC machine tools that are no longer in production that you would like to sell, please give us a call.

In addition to used machinery, we also house a large inventory of used machine tool parts and components, ranging from ballscrews, spindles, automatic tool changers, way covers and scales for a variety of manufacturers’ CNC controls, servo motors, spindle motors and drives. We have helped customers overcome extended deliveries by selling them good, low-cost used parts that are not commonly available through local supplier and OEMs.

For more information on how we can assist you with used machine tools and parts, please give us a call.